Coach Lee is a relationship expert and breakup coach who works with individuals to become their most attractive selves in order to bring success in relationships and to reunite with the one they love after a breakup or marital separation.

Coach Lee is an online educator for TED on the science of relationships and has been interviewed by USA Today, The New York Times, The Today Show, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Bravo TV, Yahoo Lifestyle, Fox, CBS, MSN, Men’s Health,, E-True Hollywood Story, Daily Mail, Metro UK, The New York Post, The Sun, Elite Daily, AskMen, Reuters, E! True Hollywood Story, and The Daily Herald among many others.

He was an on-air contributor to “Give and Take,” a national radio show about relationships that aired in 28 U.S. states, and he has been viewed by multi-millions on His YouTube Channel.

Coach Lee's Experience

In a world where experience matters most, Coach Lee stands out. Lee has lectured at several universities including Pepperdine University, Oklahoma Christian, and Lipscomb Universities.  He holds a Master Diploma in Marriage & Family Counseling, received Family Dynamics certifications along with His Needs/Her Needs Certifications in addition to assisting with a Ph.D research project on relationships and the science of human attraction. In 2011 he co-founded a nonprofit organization that worked to save marriages from divorce, but Lee moved on to more effectively help such couples – married and not married.

He helps women and men get their ex back as a relationship coach and has a heart for people who are hurting because of lost love.

As the developer of the Emergency Breakup Kit and the Emergency Marriage Kit, he has constantly improved and upgraded his strategies to help people get back with their ex boyfriend, ex girlfriend, or spouse.

Coach Lee along with his staff developed this community to support individuals who have been hurt by breakups, separation, infidelity, divorce, anxiety, and grief. Join that powerful, supportive community today!