Relationship Coach Training and Certification

Are you thinking about becoming a relationship coach or are wondering how you can become a relationship coach?

Or are already sure that’s what you want to do? Or maybe you want to become a coach but want/need to work on your own relationship first. Our training does both!

So if you fit either of those categories, it makes sense to be trained by one of the top coaches in the industry in order to bring credibility and trust to your name or company.


Meet Your Trainer Coach!

Coach LeeCoach Lee Wilson is one of the most respected relationship coaches on earth, having 60 million views on his YouTube channel and having been interviewed by major media such as The New York Times, USA Today, The Today Show Australia, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The New York Post, Men’s Health, Business Insider, Glamor Magazine, Daily Mail and many others.

Being trained by Coach Lee in relationship dynamics and in reuniting relationships is significant, but learning how to interact with people as their coach is an extremely valuable and marketable skill to have as well!

This training workshop also includes advanced training on bringing traffic to your website, growing your YouTube channel, and other powerful stratigies to fill up your schedule with paying clients!

The first step is to discuss whether coaching training is right for you with a trusted member of Coach Lee’s staff. You can get on his calendar for a 15 minute discussion below: Notethis call is NOT for seeking relationship advice. For that, you may book a coaching session with one of Coach Lee’s coaches here. Book your consultation below:

Relationship Coach Certification and Training


Becoming certified as a relationship coach can turn into a fulfilling and rewarding career path, but it takes work, dedication, and skill to be successful. As a professional relationship coach, you will be working closely with individuals and couples to help them improve their relationships (or even save them), communicate more effectively, and navigate difficult situations.

Here are some important tips and advice to keep in mind as you embark on your journey to become a relationship coach:

Gain Experience, Education and a Relationship Coaching Certificate
Before you can become a relationship coach, it's important to gain adequate experience and education in the field. This can include pursuing a degree in counseling or psychology, attending workshops or relationship-coaching training programs like this one on relationship coaching, or gaining experience working in a related field such as social work, counseling, or therapy. You will be amazed at what you learn about your own relationship in this workshop as well!

Develop Your Coaching Skills
If you are wondering how you can become a relationship coach, the most obvioius trait is that you need to learn strong coaching skills as well relationship dynamics. This is where Coach Lee's system comes in! You will learn:

  • Professional coaching skills that include being able to effectively structure a coaching session,
  • Knowing when to ask the right questions so that you will know how to proceed in guiding them,
  • To correctly listen to your clients,
  • Providing feedback and coaching,
  • Pinpointing obstacles to reuniting or to relationship fulfillment as well as guidance to overcome them,
  • Helping clients set and reach goals,
  • and helping them apply strategies to their specific situation.

You can develop these skills by attending Coach Lee's coaching training program! Schedule your call with the calendar above to begin!

Build Your Brand and Audience As A Relationship Coach
As a professional relationship coach, you will need to build your brand and audience in order to attract clients and establish yourself in the field. Coach Lee's training provides advanced training in Internet marketing, teaching you the the same techniques that he used to build his YouTube channel and coaching business. The training shows you exactly how to attract clients, get CROWDS of visitors to your website, and how to quickly grow a YouTube channel. This helps you hit the ground running as a relationship coach!

Understand Your Niche
There are many different types of relationships and areas of focus within relationship coaching, so it's important to understand your niche and what type of clients you want to work with. This might include working with couples, individuals, or families, or focusing on specific areas such as breakup coaching, communication, conflict resolution, attracting the right person, or intimacy. Coach Lee and Coach Ken will help guide you to clarifying your niche in this training.

Stay Up-to-Date on Industry Trends
After you go from asking how you can become a relationship coach to being trained as one, it's important to know that the field of relationship coaching continues to adapt, it's important to stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices. This includes attending workshops or training programs like this one, reading industry publications, or joining professional organizations in the field.

Build Trust and Rapport with Your Clients
One of the most important aspects of being a relationship coach is building trust and rapport with your clients. This includes being empathetic, non-judgmental, and creating a safe space for clients to share their thoughts and feelings. It's also important to be transparent and honest with clients about your coaching style and limitations. But a potential client doesn't know that you have skills in coaching until they speak to you and so you need to build some trust with them in order for them to book a session with you. This is another area where Coach Lee's training helps tremendously. When your client knows that you have been trained by Coach Lee, you benefit from his brand and reputation! What's more, you'll also be able to add your information to Coach Lee's directory of coaches as one of the many advantages to this training.

Focus on Results
As a relationship coach, your ultimate goal is to help your clients achieve their relationship goals and improve their lives. This means focusing on results and outcomes, and being willing to adjust your coaching approach if something isn't working. You'll receive expert consultation on this when you are able to practice coaching sessions with Lee and his staff in this exceptional coaching-training program! This is how to become a relationship coach who changes lives!

Becoming a relationship coach requires dedication and commitment to ongoing learning and growth. By gaining experience, developing your coaching skills, building your brand, audience, and web traffic, while also understanding your niche, staying up-to-date on industry trends, building trust and rapport with your clients, and focusing on results, you can build a successful and rewarding career as a relationship coach with the help of Coach Lee's coaching training. To discuss this program and whether it is right for you, schedule your discovery session with the calendar above!

Note: By scheduling your call, you acknowledge that your intent is to discuss coaching training and how to become a relationship coach with Coach Lee and not matters related to your own relationship. If you are wanting help with your relationship, you may book a call with a coach on Coach Lee's staff or get more information on his workshop for relationships in trouble.